Taking a manual or automatic driving test

Some things to consider

Additional support material is always available free of charge to show candidates how the test is conducted and what is expected of them. Lessons are consistently structured to reflect the requirements of the eventual test and as far as possible conducted within the ‘route’ areas of the test centre. Manoeuvres are practised in the locations most used by the examiners. Details of all the official test routes can be supplied to enhance the value of private practice.

Mock tests will be conducted, if required, in advance of the test to allow any issues to be addressed.

Julian can accompany the candidate on their test should they wish, to provide moral support. This is actively encouraged by the DVSA, but seldom undertaken by instructors.

A first time pass guarantee would be the ideal, but sadly not the reality and any instructor who tells you differently is clearly being less then candid! The good news is that Julian can guarantee that you will be capable of passing your test when you take it. Provided you stay calm and practise what you have learnt in your lessons, the outcome should be successful.

Further information about the driving test is available via dsa website.

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How do I start driving?

This is a checklist of what you need to get driving lessons started:

1. Are you allowed to drive?
2. Your provisional licence
3. Driving lessons, additional practice, theory
4. Theory test
5. Practical test
6. You passed!

More information can be found on the gov.uk about learning to drive a car on their website.

Of course, Julian is on hand to provide more detailed guidance and lessons to support you in being a successful student like our past drivers.

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