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Lucy driving lessons in Esher
Lucy, Esher

I find it hard to recommend Julian highly enough. He taught my older sister who passed her test first time with only one minor fault, so I had something to live up to. Thanks to Julian’s experience and teaching skills, coupled with his calm and patient approach I also passed first time, amazingly with no faults at all! I now feel that I am a competent and confident driver. Thank you Julian.

Morgan driving lessons in West Molesey
Morgan, West Molesey

Julian is an amazing instructor. He has a calm and reassuring manner which is really encouraging. I believe he gave me the skills to pass my test first time. I highly recommend him for your driving journey

Leah driving lessons in Thames Ditton
Leah, Thames Ditton

Julian was a very patient instructor, and helped me pass first time with only 3 minors. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Julian

Maseeha driving lessons in Molesey
Maseeha, Molesey

Julian was an incredibly patient and understanding teacher. Thanks to his effective techniques I passed my driving test on the first attempt. I highly recommend intuition driving to anyone in search of a skilled instructor!

Tara driving lessons in Walton
Tara, Walton

Thank you so much to Julian for helping me to pass first time - I really appreciate your patience and will recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor!

Rory driving lessons in Esher
Rory, Esher

Photograph showing Rory's successful driving test

Emma driving lessons in Thames Ditton
Emma, Thames Ditton

Photograph showing Emma's successful driving test

Matt driving lessons in Hinchley Wood
Matt, Hinchley Wood

Julian is an excellent driving instructor and was so helpful in helping me learn and pass my test. Not only was he clear and informative when giving me general driving pointers/advice, but his experience was particularly useful in preparing for the test itself and how best to approach things. For example, knowledge of the test routes, up-to-date knowledge of how the test is run, what the examiner expects from your driving etc were all really helpful to ensure I felt prepared and ready for the test. Overall, I highly recommend Julian as a driving instructor as he has a combination of technical knowledge, teaching skills and a friendly personality which enabled me to develop my driving skills whilst enjoying learning to drive.

Lola driving lessons in Walton
Lola, Walton

I was quite nervous when I first started driving, however Julian installed lots of confidence and I have now passed my test. Thank you Julian.

Luke driving lessons in West Molesey
Luke, Molesey

Thanks very much for all for help and support in making it possible for to my pass test would gladly recommend you to all my friends and family once again a big thanks

Molly driving lessons in East Molesey
Molly, East Molesey

Julian did a great job preparing our daughter for her test. She had weekly lessons, then after a break over the summer, she had an intensive few weeks of lessons and practice. She passed her test with just 1 fault. Highly recommend Julian, we will hopefully be booking him for our younger 2 children's lessons when it's their turn.

Amy driving lessons in West Molesey
Amy, West Molesey

Julian’s continued support has given me the confidence to drive that I didn’t have at first. His way of teaching has enabled me to build on my confidence and pass with ease. This wouldn’t have been possible without the patience and dedication from Julian and I cannot thank him enough!

Emile driving lessons in East Molesey
Emile, East Molesey

Julian has helped me at each step of my driving progress. Each concept is explained thoroughly and clearly, with Julian’s experience making it a calm and safe environment to learn. Thank you.

Ezra driving lessons in West Molesey
Ezra, West Molesey

Thank you so much for help and support. During the time of taking driving lessons with you, I have come across with you as a very patient person. We had jokes and laughs, but kept teaching me to be a good drive. Thank you for your good kindness.

Matt and Owen driving lessons in East Molesey
Matt & Owen, East Molesey

Over the past few months, Julian has taught both my sons to drive. They enjoyed their lessons very much and both passed first time, which is a fantastic result and testament to Julian’s great teaching skills. With two very competent new drivers in the family, Julian is highly recommended!

Owen driving lessons in West Molesey
Owen, West Molesey

Over the past 10 years All 3 of my children have had Julian teach them to drive and all of them have passed their test first time. He is calm and patient especially for those initial lessons for a new driver and prepares them for the test. Not only that but he also ensures that they are confident and safe on the road and he does this in his own unique and friendly way. I would recommend Julian for driving lessons.

Gábor driving lessons in West Molesey
Gábor, West Molesey

Julian is a top class instructor with a lot of knowledge and patience. He made my preparation for the test day very easy - navigating me through all types of roads and roundabouts. His support gave me confidence for that important day when I passed my practical test for the first attempt with just a few minors. I can’t imagine a better instructor and I want to say a big thank you to Julian for everything.

Kirsty driving lessons in Molesey
Kirsty, Molesey

I highly recommend Julian’s driving school. He helped me pass first time even when nerves were a major factor!

Ollie driving lessons in West End
Ollie, West End

Julian was great at talking through problems which I encountered on the road. Very helpful to talk to and easy to organise lessons. Would recommend him to anyone.

Sam driving lessons in West Molesey
Sam, West Molesey

Thank you so much for all your patience and hard work with Sam. We really appreciate it, you are a brilliant instructor.

Sophie driving lessons in Thames Ditton
Sophie, Thames Ditton

Thank you very much for helping me learn to drive, you’re always patient and calm and I couldn’t have passed the test without you!!

Halima driving lessons in Esher
Halima, Esher

Thank you so much for all your time and patience throughout all of this, could not of done it without you! The best instructor to have! Thank you again.

Vanesa driving lessons in East Molesey
Vanesa, East Molesey

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test. Julian was a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend Julian to absolutely everyone, as he was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. He made the impossible possible!!

Sancta driving lessons in Long Ditton
Sancta, Long Ditton

I am delighted to have passed my test today and I cannot thank Julian enough for his down-to-earth teaching methods and general friendliness. He focuses heavily on the reasons that people tend to fail and ensures that you know the essentials for test day. I can’t believe how far my confidence has come and I can say with certainty that he will not let you down!

Yves driving lessons in Devizes
Yves, Devizes

On my way back home. Thanks so much for the hospitality and help. I really appreciate everything. Until next time

Matthew driving lessons in West End, Esher
Matthew, West End, Esher

Thank you to Julian, an excellent instructor who taught me all I needed to know in his thorough and individualised lessons, helping me to become a confident and capable driver. His lessons allowed me to pass on my first attempt with only one fault! Many thanks - highly recommended.

Max driving lessons in Molesey
Max, Molesey

Thank you so much for everything Julian. Number 2 son next to start in January !

Anna driving lessons in Walton
Anna, Walton

I’m so pleased I passed first time, great instructor!

Freya driving lessons in Walton
Freya, Walton

With Julian's patience and encouragement I managed to pass my test first time! He is a great instructor and I would highly recommend him. Thank you again.

George driving lessons in East Molesey
George, East Molesey

Great driving instructor. Very methodical with teaching and patient for beginners. Passed first time without any problems.

Adam driving lessons in Weybridge
Adam, Weybridge

Julian is a great instructor, he is very calm and gives insightful tips that really help to build confidence. He is also very flexible with lessons. Thanks Julian!

Linus driving lessons in Walton
Linus, Walton

Thanks very much for helping Linus pass his driving test, really pleased for him. Many thanks for all your help.

Thomas driving lessons in Claygate
Thomas, Claygate

I was thrilled to pass first time with Julian. The lessons were enjoyable and very thorough and I passed with only 2 minors. Thank you so much! I highly recommend him as an instructor.

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